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Mentee applications will open on 1st May 2019.

(1stMay – 30thJune)

The Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) is excited to continue its Mentor Program in 2019.

The ACAA Mentor Program is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and skills and boost your professional & personal development through the sharing of information and experience with a senior industry professional. Our aim is to better support young Australian alumni in China throughout the various stages of your career and to build a stronger Australia-China community.

Mentee Criteria

  • Be an Australian university alumni and currently living in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao (at any stage of your career i.e. recent graduate to experienced professional);
  • Be a current member of ACAA and pay the entry fee: 200RMB per person. Click HEREto pay.

*This entry fee is to cover the running costs of the mentor program and unfortunately does not guarantee a place with a mentor.

Mentee Benefits

  • Knowledge, skills and professional/personal development;
  • Overcome career obstacles with your mentor’s guidance;
  • Insight into and understanding of your own strengths/weaknesses;
  • Opportunity to network with mentors and other mentees;
  • Deeper involvement within the Australia-China community.

Mentee Commitment

  • Be responsible for initiating contact with your mentor, however the ACAA can assist with the first appointment.
  • Be willing and able to let your mentor know what you need;
  • Be clear about your needs - your mentor’s time is valuable;
  • Be available to connect with your mentor verbally for a minimum of 1 hour per month;
  • You and your mentor can decide whether your meetings are face-to-face. This program can also be effectively handled over WeChat, Skype or via telephone calls;
  • Fill in the evaluation form at the end of the program;
  • Provide feedback and keep the ACAA up-to-date with your progress:
> During the program
> Once it has been completed
> If you or your mentor is not able to continue the program
> If you or your mentor would like to switch partners.

Managing Expectations

  • The matching of mentors and mentees is based on the preference of both parties; the ACAA will not intervene in mentors’ selection decision.
  • Mentees can apply for a mentor via email after reviewing mentors' profile on ACAA website. Mentees can send requests to several mentors but are not able to apply to an additional mentor once their application is accepted by one of their requested mentors.
  • For mentors who generate a high level of interest from the mentees, the mentor has the right to select their mentee based on the mentee’s application and resume.
  • Mentees will be responsible for making and keeping appointments with their assigned mentor.
  • It’s important that the mentor/mentee is not from within either’s close circle of contacts (i.e. not from an employee/employer relationship, personal friends or having close mutual friends).
  • Building trusting relationships is essential groundwork for mentoring and defines the success of such a program. Early on in the relationship, there should be a getting-to-know-you session where both the mentor and mentee share their educational and work experience and background. It is also essential to identify the mentees’ professional needs or goals. Reliability, consistency, patience, feedback, confidentiality, listening and constructive feedback are all-important factors that can lead to the development of trust.
  • All discussions (names/events/ideas) must remain only between the two parties unless otherwise agreed by the other party.
  • Both mentors and mentees need to keep the ACAA up-to-date with the progress of the assignment, once it has been completed or if it has not proceeded (e.g. due to a change in mentees’ circumstances). Mentees expect to work with a mentor who will commit to the minimum contact hours and who is willing to share valuable expertise and career guidance.
  • There should be no expectation that any internships or employment opportunities will result from the relationship, however, this program will provide mentors with the opportunity to identify potential new talent.

Submit an Application

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please

Step 1 Register as ACAA member

Click Join ACAA and fill in your personal information. Please ensure your information is current and accurate so we can cross-reference with your payment and contact you.

Step 2 Payments

Finish the payment on ACAA website.

Step 3 Application Submissions

Click Mentee Application Form to download the application form and email to after completing it. In the application email, it should include:

  • A completed Mentee Application Form;
  • Your resume for you requested mentor to assess your suitability;
  • List of mentors you want to apply for in the order of preference, you can list up to 4 mentors.
  • Your ACAA membership registered email or screenshot of payment.

Please Note:

  • Applicants who haven’t paid the entry fee will not be accepted.
  • The entry fee is simply to cover the costs of running this program.
  • The ACAA Mentor Program aims to provide career guidance opportunities only; participation in this mentor program does not provide any guarantee of a job. Please continue to refer to the ACAA Job List for current job opportunities.

Thank you for your participation in the ACAA Mentor Program 2019!

*If you have any questions, please send an email to or leave a message on our Wechat Platform, we will get back to you within 24 hours. *

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