Your Lifelong Connection with Australia

The Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) is excited to continue its Mentor Program in 2017.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be connected with a group of successful alumni like yourself; a group whose members have achieved extraordinary things in their chosen fields. It is our honour to include you in our community and it would be our greater pleasure to invite you to become one of our mentors.

The ACAA Mentor Program enables mentee participants to gain knowledge, skills, professional & personal development through the sharing of information and experience with a senior industry professional. Our aim is to better support young Australian alumni in China, throughout their various stages of career development, and to build a stronger Australia China community.


There are a number of benefits with engaging in a Mentor Program, it is not training or a social activity, it is a unique opportunity that takes a Mentee out of their day-to-day activities to plan for the future and strategize how their career career goals can be achieved.

Mentor Criteria:

To be a Mentor, you must:

  • Be an Australian university alumni.
  • Be experienced in your chosen field, and currently in a middle-management to senior-management position within an organisation.
  • Enjoy coaching and inspiring others to reach their career potential.

Mentor Benefits:

  • Increased profile within the ACAA community & network (both as an individual and forthe organization the mentor represents).
  • Support corporate social responsibility agendas.
  • Opportunity to identify new talent for your organization.
  • Opportunity to network with other mentors at an ACAA-hosted dinner (at this stage only held in Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou).
  • Deeper involvement with the Australia-China community through VIP functions.

Mentor Commitment:

  • Willing to help your mentee/s without asking for anything in return, the only reward is helping them grow and overcome some of their challenges.
  • Willing to assist 1 or 2 Mentees per quarter.
  • Provide contact time with each mentee of at least 1 hour per month per quarter.
  • The mentor and mentee may determine if their meetings are face-to-face. This program can also be effectively handled over ACAA Advanced WeChat Platform, Skype or via a telephone call.
  • Provide a photo – mentor profiles will be promoted through the ACAA network for the round(s) the mentor is involved in; This promotion includes but is not limited to the ACAA website & social media channels. No personal information will be provided to any member without the mentor’s written consent.

Submit an Application:

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please click Mentor Application Form to download the application form and email to after completing it or you can click Become a Mentor to submit an online application.

Thank you for your contribution to the success of the ACAA 2017 Mentor Program!

*If you have any enquiries, please send an email to or leave a message in our WechatPlatform, we will get back to you within 24 hours. *

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