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Through our B2B platform of over 14,000 professionals in the tertiary education industry across the world, CHE is a one-stop provider of China-related education services and information.

Our clients, readers and subscribers come from 40+ countries and represent over 3,000 higher education institutions, government agencies and education service providers.

We offer a broad range of consulting and advisory services to further overseas institutions’ engagement with the education industry in China, including:

  • · Marketing & Promotion
  • · Briefings & Workshops
  • · Student Recruitment Opportunities
  • · Study Tours, Internships & Short Courses
  • · Alumni Engagement
  • · Recruitment, Agency Identification & Evaluation
  • · HR Services

Being well informed is crucial to good decision-making and in China’s rapidly evolving education sector, being up-to-date on market and regulatory developments, as well as emerging opportunities can require more resources than many institutions possess. Our publications deliver objective, contextual and up-to-date information, providing not only an awareness but also an understanding of critical success factors that help institutions stay ahead of the curve.

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Twitter: @ChinaHigherEd

  • 2018/2019辞旧迎新 留学归国人员圣诞聚会暨职业发展沙龙
  • Haiwainet and Hello Career - Chritmas Party and Career Development Workshop
  • 日期: 2018-12-22
  • 时间: 14:30-17:00
  • 地址: 北京市朝阳区朝外西街3号兆泰国际中心C座3层氪空间(朝阳门社区)
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