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EIC Group Ltd.

EIC is China's number one overseas educational counselling service provider, with 16% national market share, and number five test preparation tutoring provider, with 6% market share. The business was founded in 2000, and today counselling is present in 22 cities, with a number one position in eight cities and top three position in 18 cities, including a number one position in three of the top markets in China: Guangzhou (49% share), Shenzhen (33% share), Shanghai (13% share). EIC has grown rapidly, with EBIT CAGR of 60% over 2011-2013, driven by both student volume and ASP growth. Since its inception in 2000, EIC has grown to offer students and parents a comprehensive package of advisory and support services for studying abroad. With presence in 25 cities in China and partnership with over 700 education institutions globally, including 43 of the World's Top 200 Universities (THES Rankings 2013-2014), EIC has successfully placed approximately 73,000 students to overseas study since 2000. The focus continues to be on quality institutions and high-caliber students.

专注领域:Student Recruitment、Marketing、Education Fair和Counselling


公司规模:1,001-5,000 人





EIC Group is a leading education consultant agency accredited by P. R.C Ministry of Education dedicated to providing professional services to students who intend to study abroad.

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  • Haiwainet and Hello Career - Chritmas Party and Career Development Workshop
  • 日期: 2018-12-22
  • 时间: 14:30-17:00
  • 地址: 北京市朝阳区朝外西街3号兆泰国际中心C座3层氪空间(朝阳门社区)
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