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Instructions of ACAA Connect

ACAA Connect is our newly established mobile platform attached to WeChat. It is easy to access and has multiple functions to enhance your experience when participating in ACAA’s activities and events.

ACAA Connect has FIVE major Alumni Services:

1. One-Click Alumni Search;

2. One-Click Event Registration;

3. Any-time Mentor Program Application;

4. Mobile and instant access to Latest Job Opportunities;

5. Any-time participation in Hot Topic Discussions;

Would you like to gain access to all the above Alumni Services?

One minute, one step registration.

After signing up, you will be able to enjoy the whole ACAA Connect package for life

How to Register

1. Scan QR Code to follow ACAA WeChat Account;

2. Click My Page button in ACAA WeChat Account;

3. Click Sign up;

4. Click Forgot password if you often receive email from ACAA but can’t remember your login details. You will then be able to reset your password and retrieve your login details.

Now that you have successfully registered on ACAA Connect, enjoy the Alumni Services with just a few clicks.

Alumni Services

1. One-Click Alumni Search

1. Click Groups menu bar --> Group of Universities

2. Find your alma mater (the red number represents the number of alumni already registered to that group);

3. Click into your alma mater’s page and click Join. Once you have joined the group, you will be able to view who else is in the group.

2. One-Click Event Registration

1. Click Events;

2. Choose an event that interests you and click in;

3. Click RSVP if you want to join! You can also check out all the other participants;

3. Any-time Mentor Program Application

1. Click Mentors to view ACAA Mentors from different industries;

2. Select a mentor to view his/her profile;

3. Click Apply if you decide to apply to this mentor;

*Please be aware that you need to become an ACAA Premium Member to apply for the Mentor Program.

4. Mobile and instant access to Latest Job Opportunities

1. Click Jobs to view all the latest jobs;

2. Click on any job that interests you;

3. Scroll down for more information and click Save This Job if you want to view it later;

5. Any-time participation in Hot Topic Discussions;

1. Click Groups to enter the main page;

2. Click to open a topic (e.g. Culture) that interests you;

3. To join this group click Member;

4. Click Topic to view what other alumni are saying in this group or click +Create a topic to discuss with other alumni;


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