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Tammy Zhao
University of Melbourne student
ACAA Video Competition 1st Prize


ACAA Video Competition Winners

《Your Story During Covid-19》


In mid-April, ACAA called for international students in Australia to create videos that would record their stories and insights during Covid-19. By the time the competition closed on 22 May we had received a number of inspiring entries from Chinese international students and alumni in both China and Australia. These videos faithfully recorded their lives and study during the pandemic. Some of the videos reflected how the pandemic has affected student life in many countries.


Finally we got the TOP4 videos which win the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and merit awards. The videos are:

First Prize

Tammy Zhao

Chinese international student of University of Melbourne

Second Prize

Amy Yang

Chinese international student of RMIT

Third Prize

Linghuihui  Xie and Yifeng Wu (joint entry)

University of Melbourne graduate and University of Sydney student

Merit Award

Lily Wang

Macquarie University and Central Queensland University graduate

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We congratulate our award winning students and alumni! Their videos were creative, reflected how students faced up to challenges during the pandemic, addressed community issues and delivered positive messages and suggestions for the way ahead.

Other inspiring entries were received from University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Monash University, Box Hill TAFE, Flinders University and La Trobe University.

AAA非常感谢Joanne Nyland女士(格里菲斯大学)担任本次活动的评委。我们特别感谢Scanlon 基金会对本倡议的支持,通过这次的活动使社会更好地了解国际学生目前面临的挑战。

ACAA would like to thank Joanne Nyland of Griffith University Development and Alumni Department for her service on the judging panel. We are particularly grateful to the Scanlon Foundation for its support of this initiative and through it, for bringing better understanding to the community of the challenges now confronted by international students.

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