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Mr. Chalmers Shi
RMIT University/Monash University Alumnus

Described by close friends as ‘born in 70’s, looks like 80’s and has a young heart like 90’s’, Mr Shi strongly believes that this is attributed to  his life experience in Australia. Even 20 years later, he still remembers the day in March 1997 when he landed in Melbourne airport with a big suitcase. From that day, Mr Shi stayed in Melbourne for nearly 6 years. He regards Melbourne as his second home, in addition to Xiangtan in Hunan Province where he was born and lived for 22 years.

As Chalmers reflected on his time in Melbourne, he said studying business courses at RMIT University was at first a huge challenge, not only because he came from an engineering background, but also because of the language hurdles and cultural differences, but most importantly because China was mainly running as a planned economy system at that time. It took him quite a long time and many efforts to fully undertsand the functions and purpose of marketing and why it was important for a market economy. Thanks to the studying at RMIT, Mr Shi unleashed his potential as a forward-thinking marketing professional.

The experience of learning a new subject in another discipline has taught Chalmers to stay curious and enjoy the cross-over sparks in taking new input. Years later, with the degrees obtained across Engineering, Business and IT disciplines, Chalmers finds the benefits of cross-discipline insights and how they generate the creativity.

Besides the academic community and development, various work experiences enabled Mr Shi to get actively engaged with the local community and thus gain a better understanding of Australian culture and values. As a semi-professional table tennis player, Mr Shi picked it up in Melbourne where he enjoyed playing with leading players from all over the world.

Back in China, Mr Shi has been working and living in Shanghai for 13 years. He felt lucky to have maintained a strong connection with Australia by working for an Anglo-Australian company, and product group headquartered in Australia. He thinks that is a good way to pay back what he has gained from Australia. In his spare time, Mr Shi enjoys reading, ball sports and promoting a healthy life style.

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