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Ms. Jill Tang
La Trobe University/Monash University/The University of Melbourne Alumna
Founder, CareerXFactor; Co-founder, BrewGirl

Jill Tang is committed to making graduates’ transitions from studying in Australia to working in China as smooth as possible. Modeled after her own experience as an overseas returnee in China, Ms Tang applied her financial and entrepreneurial skills to launch CareerXFactor in 2015. CareerXFactor is an online platform dedicated to offering career advice, job opportunities and networking events to returning Chinese students and expats.

Ms Tang is a graduate of La Trobe University, where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2006. She later completed a Master’s Degree in Applied Finance at Monash University and an MBA at Melbourne Business School in the University of Melbourne. After a career in the Australian finance industry at AXA Australia, Ms Tang returned home to Shanghai, where she was faced with the challenge of reverse culture shock. With the knowledge that forging relationships with other graduates would be fundamental, she joined the Australian China Alumni Association as Director of Communications and Development in 2012, where she remained until the following year.

This role gave Ms Tang first-hand insight into what graduates are looking for once they return home to China. Determined to fill a gap in the market, she launched CareerXFactor with the hope of helping people develop their careers in China’s booming economy.

CareerXFactor proved to be a very successful start-up, growing its membership to more than 1,700 people in the first six months and securing corporate partnerships with high-profile companies such as Condé Nast Centre of Fashion and Design and Bayer China.

Not content with having just one business, Ms Tang is also co-founder of The BrewGirl, an innovative company celebrating local craft beer and its female devotees. Alongside co-founder Di Di, she organises pop-up craft beer events around Shanghai and is passionate about supporting local Chinese microbreweries. The business hopes to challenge stereotypes of Chinese women and raise the profile of the country’s talented female craft beer brewers.

Besides her entrepreneurial work, Ms Tang is keen to pass on what she has learned to others. In June 2016, she was selected as one of 12 Chinese entrepreneurs to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley. US President Barack Obama addressed the summit, which aimed to promote entrepreneurship as a driver for economic growth and social inclusion.

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