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Dr. Kathy Hou
La Trobe University Alumna
Associate professor at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

Currently Kathy is an associate professor at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, teaching and doing research on Academic English and Intercultural Communication.

After teaching English for 7 years at Donghua Univerity in Shanghai, Kathy decided to start her PhD program at La Trobe University, Australia in 2007. Her PhD thesis is about Chinese overseas students’ interactional difficulties in Australia. On graduation, Min went back to Shanghai in 2011 to continue her English-teaching career at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.

During her stay in Australia, Kathy found that although many Chinese students got high marks in English tests, they still felt powerless and frustrated when communicating with Australian local people. The reasons are complicated involving linguistic, cultural and psychological aspects. So in her teaching, Kathy attempts to help students to be aware of these aspects in English learning so as to improve their intercultural communicative competence.

  • Australia Day BBQ
  • Australia Day BBQ
  • Data: 2019-01-26
  • Time: 11:00 - 15:00
  • Address: 6F, Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre, Guangdong International Building, No. 339, Huanshi Road East, Guangzhou
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