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How to Nominate

2021 Australia China Alumni Awards Nomination Form - nominated others

2021 Australia China Alumni Awards Nomination Form - self-nominaiton


The Australia China Alumni Awards is an initiative of the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) to celebrate excellence in Australian tertiary education and recognise the significant achievements of Australian-educated alumni in China. The aim of the Awards is to demonstrate how Australian tertiary education can help graduates succeed in an international context and across a variety of fields.

Nomination Criteria

The Awards welcome nominees:

  1. Of any nationality, provided they graduated from an Australian university program or TAFE/VET program (in Australia or through an Australian off-shore program in any other country or online) who have made a significant contribution to their field and community in China or Australia.
  2. Of any age, except for the Young Alumni of the Year Awardwhich is restricted to applicants who are 35 years or under in the year of nomination;
  3. Who are originally from Greater China living in China or Australia, or other alumni who have spent 6 of the last 24 months in Greater China prior to the start of 2020 nominations.
  4. Who display an on-going high level of achievement in the Award category, irrespective of whether they are working in the discipline in which they graduated.
  5. In addition, we welcome nominees for a new Award for Contributions to the Australia-China Relationship.  This will be open to both alumni and non-alumni, of any citizenship.

Please note the following conditions:

Through completion of the nomination process, nominees agree to allow the ACAA to contact their university to confirm the conferring of their degree.

Judging Criteria

All eligible applications will be assessed on the extent to which they meet the following 6 criteria:

AUSTRALIA INFLUENCE: evidence of how the nominee’s Australian education has played a key role in her or his success and impact.

IMPACT: evidence of the tangible impact, and scale of such an impact, of the nominee’s work (inspired by her or his Australia-based education) in their profession/community.

CONTRIBUTION TO AUSTRALIA-CHINA RELATIONSHIP: evidence of the extent to which the nominee has contributed to and strengthened the Australia-China relationship and supported the wider Australia-China community;

SERVICE TO SOCIETY: evidence that the nominee exhibits integrity and a demonstrated commitment to service with an interest in bettering the lives of others through professional or volunteer efforts.

POTENTIAL TO INFLUENCE AND INSPIRE: evidence of the extent to which (including capacity and willingness) the nominee and her or his story are likely to influence and inspire the next generation of prospective Australian students and alumni;

MEDIA TRACTION: evidence of the extent to which the nominee’s success story is likely to resonate with local/regional/national media in China, Australia or beyond (global media).

Judging Process


The Australia China Alumni Association reserves the right to determine the final interpretation of these rules and the eligibility requirements for the Australia China Alumni Awards. These guidelines are also available in Chinese, however, should any inconsistencies arise between the two language versions, the English guidelines will prevail. For more information please contact us. The judging panel’s decision will be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

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