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video competition - International Student Life in the Pandemic in 2021 Australia and China

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    Thursday,1st,January 1970

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    • During this international outbreak of COVID-19, do you have a story to tell? Do you have a voice to be heard? Have you experiences, emotions and journeys that you really want to share with the community and stakeholders ?



      The Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) would like to invite you to send us a video on the theme “International Student Life in the Pandemic in 2021 - Australia and China" based on THE STORIES YOU WANT TO TELL ABOUT YOURSELF, YOUR FRIENDS AND YOUR COMMUNITY. As the largest NGO between Australia and China, serving alumni and students in both countries, we understand how important it is to showcase your stories and voices, and to make sure that decision-makers in governments, universities and companies listen to your personal experience. 

      澳中校友会(ACAA)邀请您以“2021年疫情下的国际学生生活 -- 澳大利亚和中国”为主题,基于您想讲述的关于您自己、您的朋友或您的社区的故事,制作一段视频发给我们。作为澳中之间最大的非政府组织,我们为在中澳的校友和学生提供服务,我们深知展示您的故事和心声的重要性,并确保政府、大学和公司的决策者听取您的个人经验。


      YOUR  video story can be about any of the following:

      • Challenges you, your families, friends and community have been facing

      • How you overcame challenges, and adjusted your life and studies to the pandemic

      • Bigger lessons we can all gain from this experience

      • We are living in unique times. Share your story & give back to the community.



      • 你和你的家人一直面临的挑战;

      • 你如何克服挑战,如何调整你的生活和学习应对疫情;

      • 我们都能从这次经历中获得的教训;

      • 我们生活在一个独特的时代;分享你的故事回馈社区。

      Who can Submit:

      Anyone who is a Chinese international student currently enrolled in Australian educational institutions, including Schools, VET, TAFE and Universities, or an Australian student enrolled in a Chinese institution.




      1. You may submit the videos in a VLOG style or in a more creative format.

      2. They can be 30 seconds - 3 minutes and include images, vlogs, curated video footage etc.

      3. The video should be in English; if the interviewer speaks Chinese, please sub-title or translate on camera.    

      4. Please send us your video via a link by email to, no later than Saturday 28 August.  In the email please list your name, age, name of your Australian or Chinese university or TAFE/VET, your current address, telephone number and WeChat ID.

      5. You are an ACAA member - if not, please sign up at the QR code below.


      1. 您可以用VLOG格式或更有创意的格式提交视频。

      2. 作品长度可以30秒到3分钟,包括图像,视频博客,视频剪辑等。

      3. 视频应为英文; 如果面试官说中文,请添加英文字幕。

      4. 请在8月28日周六之前将您的视频链接通过电子邮件发送到。请在邮件中列出您的姓名、年龄、就读的澳大利亚院校名称、现住地址、联系电话和微信号。

      5. 您须是ACAA会员。如果您不是ACAA会员,请扫描下方二维码注册。


      Judging Criteria:

      • A well-told short and original story / message。

      • The message is clear and positive,

      • High quality, original and creative

      • Addressing cultural differences and social issues is a bonus but not a must

      • You agree ACAA  can share all or part of your video on social and other media


      • 一个讲得很好的原创故事/信息;

      • 内容是清楚并积极向上;

      • 高品质,原创,有创意;

      • 内容体现文化差异和社会问题有加分,但不是必须的;

      • 你同意ACAA可以在社交媒体和其他媒体上分享你的全部或部分视频。


      Top Prize: A$500

      2nd Prize:   A$300

      3rd Prize:   A$150

      And potential appointment as an ACAA Social Media Ambassador。






      This is an initiative supported by the Scanlon Foundation.

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