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DEAN'S LECTURE SERIES:Exploring key issues in the education community

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  • 日期

    Saturday,11th,November 2017

  • 时间

    19:00 (18:30 arrival)

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    上海市黄浦区河南中路88号 上海威斯汀大饭店

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    FREERMB  Light refreshments provided

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    FREERMB  Light refreshments provided

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  • 活动详情

    • What Expert Teachers Do

      Presented by Professor John Loughran (Monash University)

      How do expert teachers do it? How do they enhance student learning? How do they manage the dilemmas and tensions inherent in working with 25 different students in every lesson?

      Internationally respected teacher educator Professor John Loughran argues that teachers' knowledge of what they do is largely tacit and often misunderstood. What is the essence of professional practice for classroom teachers?

      Drawing on the best research on pedagogy, Professor Loughran will outline the crucial principles of teaching and learning, and show us how they are translated into practice using real classroom examples. He believes that teaching procedures need to be part of an integrated approach, so that they are genuinely meaningful and result in learning.

      Please join Professor Loughran to discuss what the best Teachers around the world do and how you can be one.

      About Professor Loughran

      John Loughran is a Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor, Foundation Chair in Curriculum & Pedagogy and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education, Monash University. John was a science teacher for ten years before moving into teacher education. He is well regarded in the fields of teacher education and science education. Beyond his journal publication profile (160 refereed articles), he has also published extensively with Routledge, Springer (also a series editor of self-study) and Sense (also a Series Editor for Professional Learning). He has been an author/section editor/editor of International Handbooks and Encyclopaedias in Teacher Education, Science Education, Self-study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices, and Reflection. John was the co-founding editor of Studying Teacher Education and an Executive Editor for Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice. He is on the International Editorial Advisory Board for a number journals including Teacher Education Quarterly, Journal of Reflective Practice and the Asia Pacific Forum for Science Teaching and Learning.

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