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Founded in 2007, ACAA is a non-profit organization. We help Australian alumni living and working in China and Chinese students studying in Australia through online and offline activities. We hope that through our platform, alumni from the same city can get to know each other, and provide opportunities for communication, learning and exhibition. To provide students in Australia with the opportunity to deeply understand Australian culture and enrich their learning experience in Australia.

We are recruiting volunteers for the following positions in each region. If you are interested, please send relevant information to

Event Managent

Location: your city

What you need to do:

  • Plan the whole process of the activity and make the activity plan
  • Follow up and promote the progress of the activities.
  • Be responsible for coordinating internal personnel and external resources
  • Responsible for the early publicity copy and the later review copy writing


  • Strong sense of time, finish the work in high quality before the deadline
  • Strong execution ability, excellent project promotion ability
  • Strong communication and coordination, and control the important time nodes of the project
  • Have certain copywriting skills


  • resume
  • an event plan for alumni that fits the platform

Including but not limited to: action plan, time schedule, guests, number of people, etc., as well as about 200 words of activity recruitment advertorials (refer to past activities of public accounts)

Digital Media

What you need to do:

  • Assist in the operation of Weibo, LinkedIn, Zhihu and other new media accounts
  • Analyze background data, get effective rules, put forward opinions and solutions, and help the platform to operate better
  • Assist in the management of the alumni community


  • Familiar with new media, preferably with new media operation experience
  • Usually like to brush Weibo, Zhihu, the public number and other platforms
  • Creative, patient, cautious and meticulous
  • Appreciation of quality articles in line with the tonality of the platform


  • resume
  • Please submit your constructive suggestions on WeChat group management, Weibo and public accounts.

Writer & Reporter

What you need to do:

Interview alumni with stories and write articles to publish their stories in the Alumni Association's media


  • Interviewing ability, familiar with how to find out the story of the interviewee
  • Good writing


  • resume
  • Please submit an outline of an interview with one of the mentors of the Australia-China Alumnus Association and your previous interview works


What you need to do:

  • Design posters for public accounts to send during key festivals
  • Support material design for major events


  • Professional design experience is preferred
  • Have an eye for beauty
  • Reliable, proactive, strong executive ability, strong communication, coordination and adaptability


  • resume
  • Please submit a self-designed poster of the tutor activity in line with the style of the homecoming


What you need to do:

Help to maintain the website of AACA


  • Be familiar with various functions of
  • Be reliable and able to arrange time reasonably

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